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Using PHP and QTI

Ps and Qs


Using the "Ps and Qs" method

The main files and folders you will find in the source code are as follows:

FOLDER: functionsfiles
FOLDER: qtifiles

qti-eb.php is the main file used to process QTI. You call one of its functions, to process a QTI file - but before you call it, you must define the functions which handle each of the QTI file's elements. This is normally done using a "functions file" such as the ones contained in the functionsfiles folder - see functionsfiles/ for the template for creating these.

So the normal procedure is:

1) include() qti-eb.php into your script
2) include() a functions file into your script
3) Call the main function in qti-eb.php - in most cases this is processQtiFile($filename).

index.php is simply the main page as used in the live demo, performing this exact procedure (once you've chosen a functions file and a QTI source file for it to use).

qtifiles contains various QTI files we've been using to test the system. They are plain old XML files from various sources.